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Thanks to The HiVE

The HiVE is making an impact within the co-working space. Located in the heart of Gastown, The HiVE is not only one of Vancouver’s oldest co-working spaces but also has a deep impact-focused network of over 200 members! The HiVE has wild dreams of building a network of knowledge, connection, and innovative action in order to take on society’s most complex challenges. With everything from clean tech and management consulting to software companies and marketing firms, The HiVE has a diverse network of like-minded organizations that work in their spaces.

The space operated by The HiVE is incredibly welcoming and adaptable to all types of work and teams to foster a space that promotes collaboration and networking.

A project of Enactus UBC, Impel Consulting provides pro-bono services to local nonprofits and social enterprises. Venturing into student engagement, we strive to make measurable change in our community through entrepreneurial action, all while empowering students like yourselves to become socially responsible business leaders.

In the Spring of 2021 Impel Consulting UBC hosted Stitching Sustainability, an approachable social-impact focused case competition to engage ambitious and creative UBC students. This competition brought together over 25 students in the final round and challenged them to solve a sustainability-focused business case to promote circular business models in the Vancouver economy. Four industry judges watched the teams present their innovative solutions on the final day of presentations and scored teams on the quality of analysis, creativity, feasibility and presentation skills.

With the generous support of The HiVE, Impel Consulting was able to overcome some of the challenges of running a fully virtual competition and reach a much larger student audience to bring new young minds into the challenge.

Having The HiVE as a supportive and like-minded partner brought the competition to life and elevated the community impact the event was able to make.

Check out The HiVE at and take a trip to visit their space!

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