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Sustainable Swaps: Toothpaste

Of the many environmental problems we face today, the plastic problem has to be one of the most pressing issues on my mind. I’ve tried everything I could possibly do, from saying no to straws to using Ocean Hero, which is a Google alternative search engine that uses its ad-generated profits to fund teams - typically in rural, low-income communities - that remove plastic products from Oceans. I even use a bamboo toothbrush, which Seeder talked about in our recent instagram post (@seederubc).

One of the most exciting sustainable swaps I’ve made is switching to plastic-free toothpaste.

Essentially, you can buy toothpaste that comes in jars or in the form of tablets, as opposed to in plastic tubes that you have to later throw out. When you wake up in the morning - or before you go to bed - all you have to do is wet your brush, dip it in the jar (or scoop some toothpaste with a small spoon and place it on your toothbrush), and get to brushing.

Toothpastes sold in jars are often made of organic, healthy ingredients, and come in exciting flavours like peppermint, charcoal, citrus spice, and many more!

So … should you also switch to plastic-free toothpaste? Let’s see…


  • It’s a little more expensive - I will admit, you do have to pay a bit more

  • But! It’s an investment. I usually end up cutting down on a few indulgences - for example, the extra chocolates I would have otherwise brought - to make room in my budget for the toothpaste instead

  • It leaves you feeling good about your finances as well as your sustainability impact!

  • If you don’t want to dip your toothbrush in, you might need to keep a small spatula/spoon nearby


  • You can reuse/repurpose the jars! (For example, you could store spices, foods, herbs, plant cuttings, use them as terrariums … the list goes on!)

  • Organic ingredients

  • Ethically obtained - often, there’s no palm oil, and it’s not tested on animals

  • And most importantly: You reduce plastic pollution and make our oceans that much safer.

In short: Yes! Switching to plastic-free toothpaste feels wonderful, both for yourself and the planet. After all, it’s the little changes we make in our everyday lives that add up, right?

A sustainable lifestyle can start with something as simple as toothpaste. :)

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