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Welcome to Seeder!

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Hello! Welcome to Seeder - a food sustainability initiative.

Seeder launched in 2018 as a Seed Paper initiative, which eventually switched its focus to the problem of food waste in May 2019. After developing a project to divert excess food on UBC Campus, we paused due to COVID-19 and reconsidered our impact. With this new opportunity, we’ve decided to turn Seeder into an initiative focused on empowerment, rather than band-aid solutions.

We are thrilled to be finally launching our new project after months of planning!

So what is this new project?

Resource Hub

Simply explained, Seeder is a centralised hub for food sustainability information in the UBC and Vancouver area.

Our three main target audiences are:

  • Students/Individuals

  • Food Retailers

  • Food Initiatives/Startups

We are curating the most updated resources for anyone who is interested in food sustainability. In other words, we do the research and make your life easier!

We’ll also be posting weekly blogs so stay tuned!

Social Media Engagement

We wanted to make Seeder’s information accessible to individuals and organizations alike, so we began an instagram page in order to virtually engage with our community. Rather than hiding our information behind a paywall, we are providing curated tips, resources, and stories, which are all easily accessible on our account.

Are you looking for ways to get involved or how to be more sustainable? Do you want to learn more about important issues affecting our environment? Then check out our posts, which will include:

  • Takeovers by prominent food sustainability initiatives.

  • Resources for individuals working toward a zero food waste future.

  • Information on issues surrounding food waste.

  • Promotion of upcoming sustainability events to participate in.

  • Features on food sustainability organizations looking for volunteers.

  • ...and much more!

On Thursdays we’ll be interviewing organizations contributing to solving the issue of food waste on our Instagram! Please reach out to us by email or @seederubc on Instagram if you or an organization you are involved in would like to be featured. It is a great way to promote and expand your network.

We hope that you’ll join us in our journey toward a food sustainable future.

See you soon!

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