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Finding the Sustainability Resources For You!

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Since Seeder’s inception, we have committed to helping individuals, retailers, and other initiatives to work towards a more food-sustainable future. Throughout the many different projects we worked on, we spent endless hours conducting research to find different resources currently available that support the reduction of food waste. A common complaint we heard from others in our community was how difficult it is to access these resources. There are already many amazing people and organizations working on opportunities and projects revolving around food sustainability, but it can be immensely difficult to find out about these projects and how to get involved with them.

We are tackling this problem by building a dedicated food sustainability resource hub, bringing together as many organizations and initiatives together as we can, and presenting it in an easily accessible way. There are three main target audiences that our food sustainability resources are tailored to:

Students and other individuals

We recognize that there are a large number of talented and dedicated individuals that care deeply about sustainability and protecting the future of our planet. This section of our resource hub is tailored to supporting those individuals by connecting them with relevant information and initiatives so they can continue to take action towards fighting food waste and insecurity. We’ll be updating this section of the resource hub frequently with:

  • New opportunities

  • Job/volunteer postings

  • Networking events

  • Organizations

  • Initiatives

  • And more!

This part of the resource hub is also great for anyone looking to learn about food sustainability for the first time, as many of the featured organizations offer great educational resources.

Food Retailers

Throughout our time partnered with UBC Food Services, Sprouts Cafe, and Scrapless, we learned a lot about the needs of food retailers and restaurants. While most food retailers understand that food sustainability and the reduction of food waste is an important issue, few have the time or resources to implement sustainable action into their business model. This section of the resource hub is designed to efficiently identify resources that could help them support their local and global community. Food retailers and restaurants can head to this section of the resource hub to check out:

  • food redistribution opportunities

  • quick ways to donate spare food

  • helpful food rescue operations

  • And more!

Food Initiatives and Startups

A priority for Seeder moving forward is to help more food initiatives and startups get their ideas up off the ground and running so that more meaningful change and innovation occurs in the food sustainability industry. Through our experience collaborating with Sprouts Cafe and Scrapless, we realized that many great ideas and initiatives go unseen or unheard because of the challenges facing sustainability-focused startups. We developed this section of the resource hub with that in mind, bridging resources that could support the development of new eco-friendly businesses, non-profit organizations, and other initiatives. Startups and initiatives will be able to find:

  • National organizations that provide funding and support to impactful food programs

  • Organizations that we’ve worked with in the past

  • Any resources we think may be helpful for food initiatives and startups

The Seeder resource hub will be constantly growing and evolving over the coming months and years, so remember to check back often! If you have any questions about the resource hub or need help finding the right resources for you, send a message to

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