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Composting Tips and Tricks

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

As a student, there aren’t really a lot of things you can do to control the food you eat, where it comes from, or even how sustainably it’s harvested. Your options are pretty much what you have at Open Kitchen.

But! Student life and sustainable food consumptions aren’t mutually exclusive! There are so many things you can do to reduce the amount of waste you throw to the landfills every day.

The simplest of options - compost!

Here are a few things you can compost that a lot of students don’t really know about:

  • Coffee grounds! (Don’t try to throw them down the sink!)

  • Your hair

  • Shredded, non glossy paper (you know all that scrap work you did for math? Shred them before throwing them out)

  • Pizza boxes (These do NOT go in the paper recycling bin - the leftover oils and residues can contaminated entire batches of recycling paper, which means they’d end up in the landfill instead

  • Used napkins and paper towels

  • Toilet paper tubes

All of this is wonderful, but of course, we want to reduce ANY food from being wasted in the first place, right? Well, Seeder’s got your back there too!

Here a few things you can do as a student to reduce the amount of food waste you produce:

  • If you’re not sure you’re going to finish what you ordered, get it in a To-Go container and store your leftovers in the communal fridges, and eat them later!

  • If you naturally tend to eat less, ask for smaller portions from the staff - they’re really patient and flexible

  • Buy Bulk In Pairs - if you and your friend both want tangerines but aren’t sure if you can each finish the large pack from SaveOn before they go bad, buy 1 pack and split them up! Same goes for other perishables items and fruits!

Food insecurity is a very real issue that impacts so many people - even students. Let’s do our part to reduce food waste and make our food system a little greener, bit by bit.

As we’ve said in our previous posts - it’s the small, everyday actions that add up to real change.

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