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A Fresh way to meal prep

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Fresh Prep delivers convenient and sustainable solutions to meal prep

Dhruv Sood is a UBC alumnus in Finance and Logistics. He is now the Co-Founder and Co-

CEO of Fresh Prep, Western Canada’s most sustainable meal kit. He loves building things, and

oversees the engineering and technology teams at Fresh Prep, and has a keen interest in the

never-ending construction projects as the meal kit company expands into new markets.

Fresh Prep is a meal delivery service that thinks outside the box. Its mission is to deliver

convenient and sustainable solutions to everyday food challenges, by providing customers with

a simple solution to meal preparation while ensuring sustainability of its business is top of mind.

A journey towards sustainability

Every single year, Canadians alone throw away 3 million tonnes of plastic waste. If that’s not

enough to create change, food packaging waste comprises of almost 30% of household waste

and less than 10% of that household waste gets recycled.

One culprit is the increasingly popular meal kit companies that traditionally wrap individual

ingredients in single-use plastic and fill the box with non-recyclable plastic ice packs.

When childhood friends Dhruv Sood, Becky Brauer and Husein Rahemtulla started Vancouver-

based meal kit company Fresh Prep in 2015, they knew there was a better way. Their mission

was to create a sustainable meal kit and they were determined not to add to the widespread

packaging problem that already existed.

The company hired a team of designers to develop a meal kit from the ground up that provided

a solution to single-use plastic waste. As a result of these efforts, Fresh Prep launched its Zero

Waste Kit packaging solution in 2021. The Kit itself is made up of a dishwasher safe, BPA- free,

reusable plastic and silicon container that is delivered in our reusable, insulated cooler bag.

Currently, Fresh Prep estimates around 19g of single-use plastic will be saved per meal kit

using the Zero Waste Kit, which drivers pick up from customers and return to Fresh Prep for

cleaning before reuse. Through its “return and recycle” program, Fresh Prep has offset over

101 kg of soft plastics from landfills in 2019 alone. At scale, if all Fresh Prep customers regularly

ordered Zero Waste Kits each week, the company would be diverting 500kg of soft plastic per

week — that’s the same as the weight of a mini caravan!

Convenience, delivered

Coming up with new recipe ideas weekly can be a challenge, but Fresh Prep provides

customers with the convenience of pre-chopped ingredients and delicious recipes that can be

made in 30 minutes or less delivered straight to their door, while supporting a company with a

local, environmental, and sustainable focus. Each week, customers can receive tasty meal kits,

and include extras from local companies like sourdough loaves from Nelson the Seagull or

savoury pies from Aussie Pie Guy.

Fresh Prep will continue to help its customers prepare their meals in a convenient way while

ensuring sustainability of its business is top of mind. It’s not about promising an unattainable

vision or trying to offset your own emissions by making grand commitments, but offering

practical solutions that provide an easier cooking experience and an accessible sustainable

solution for customers, without the added cost of time or money. Now is the time to shake up

systems that have created wasteful practices, and support new innovations that will be essential

on our path to a more sustainable world.

To try FreshPrep today use our code to get 3 free meals!

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