Enactus brings students and entrepreneurial action together to address the social, economic, and environmental health across the world. Enactus acts as a platform for students worldwide to use conscious capitalism to spark social change in their communities. With the help of academic advisors and business professionals, students partaking in Enactus are able to implement their projects and businesses within their communities, sparking entrepreneurial interest. Enactus currently operates in 36 countries with 3,347 students participating in one of the 1,730 university teams worldwide.
At Enactus UBC, we strive to make measurable improvements in our community through the use of entrepreneurship while helping UBC students become socially responsible business leaders. With our team of over 80 members, we are able to continue developing our two projects, implement and launch two new projects and host events in our community.



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One of Enactus UBC’s core values is community. At Enactus UBC, we believe in having a unified and connected team to not only grow our organization, but to also foster an environment where each members has the opportunities to learn from one another and to develop their own abilities. Tying out value of community with our value for diversity, Enactus UBC has acted as a space where individuals, who may not have had a chance to meet before, to come together to make a real, positive change in the world. This unity exposes each individual to different people, ideas, and experiences; This unity creates lifelong connections.

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Annually, our team at UBC competes in the Enactus Canada Regional (March) and National (May) Expositions to highlight the impact created in the school year through our entrepreneurial initiatives. This is an opportunity for students across Canada from over 58 different institutions to join together and compete on which project has made the greatest social impact. Through a business presentation format, teams are evaluated on three main criteria: Needs Assessment, Taking Action, and Enabling Progress. In the 2018 - 2019 school year, Enactus UBC will be competing in the Enactus Western Canada Regional Exposition in Calgary as well as the Enactus Canada National Exposition in Vancouver.
Regionals takes place in Western, Central and Atlantic Canada where teams compete in three challenge categories: Youth Empowerment, Ecoliving Green, Financial Education and Entreprenurship. The winners of these Regional challenges will then advance to present at Nationals.
Nationals is the opportunity for all Enactus chapters across Canada to present on the progress of their projects from the past year. Successful teams that pass through opening and semi-finals will present on the National stage to represent Enactus Canada at the Enactus World Cup.
Enactus UBC at Nationals 2018
Enactus UBC at Nationals 2017